Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law
Seller name: EVOLIFE Co., Ltd.

E-mail address:

selling price: each product according to the cost required in addition to the selling price: consumption tax

payment methods: credit card

payment time: credit card: each card company debit

Date Shipping: according to each product delivery time of goods: within 14 days after the order returns,

exchanges: defective product , Except for the case of erroneous sending, returned goods due to customer’s convenience can not be exchanged. We will bear the return fee in case of defective item, erroneous sending. Please contact us at for inferior goods and erroneous delivery .

Operating environment when using software: Internet Explorer (version 10 or more), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (Safari 7 or more) Note: As for the phone number, omit it on the site according to the proviso of Article 11 of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law We will disclose the information by e-mail if you have any request, so in that case please contact us at .